About the Penn State Pals Program

Penn State Pals is a student-led pen-pal program created by the International Student Council and the University Park Undergraduate Association which pairs incoming international students with current students at Penn State University’s University Park campus (UP Mentors) to create meaningful mentor-mentee relationships that provide students the opportunity to become acquainted with the United States—specifically, the University Park campus—before they even arrive. UP Mentors can answer any questions you have about college life such as classes, finances, sports and athletics, downtown life, and much more.

Penn State Pals Mission Statement 

 It is the ultimately the program’s mission to provide incoming students with the opportunity to build strong friendships with students on campus, develop greater confidence in their decision to come to Penn State, and acquire a head start on all that PSU has to offer to ensure students have what they need to succeed both personally and professionally in all that they do. 

Program Applications

Are you an incoming international student who’d like to be paired with a mentor? Apply as a Penn State Pals mentee using the following link! https://forms.gle/RYcbTnZfCVDda1gy7 “

Note: It is possible some students may have difficulty viewing the Google Form mentee application linked above. If you experience any trouble using the Google Form, you can instead download the mentee application as a .pdf document and follow the included instructions to submit your application via email. Use this link to access the .pdf version of the mentee application in the event of any trouble using the Google Form: https://psu.box.com/s/5gnpk1eo943k63s1q0uoph7fr5y9j72i 

Are you a current Penn State student at University Park who’d like to mentor incoming international students? Apply as a UP Mentor using the following link! https://forms.gle/sc14WkTti7N336QQ6 

Program Guidelines

Learn more about some of the expectations and guidelines of participants in the Penn State Pals program here: https://psu.box.com/s/rw22enalgzau2x1zn6q776twyei13r0r 

Penn State Pals is brought to you by the Penn State International Student Council and the University Park Undergraduate Association.

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