At ISC we have several committees that all work together to provide the greatest benefit to our fellow International Student Organizations, as well as the Penn State international student community!


Public Relations Committee

Our in-house Public Relations team is a fully-functioning committee that addresses the imaging and awareness of the ISC. Committee members and volunteers work around the clock to ensure that the ISC is recognized by the student body and imposes the chance for ISC to distribute its core values through different events implemented by other commitees.


Programming Committee








The main task of Programming Committee is to organize various cultural events for different international organizations and students throughout the year. Our major events include Homecoming Parade, International Soccer Tournaments, World Cultural Festival. The goal of those events is to provide opportunities for organizations to collaborate with each other, and to promote different cultures. Committee members come from different countries, pursuing different majors, but are all passionate in organizing events.



Liaison Committee

The main task of the liaison committee is to reach out to other organizations and international students and get them involved with ISC. We keep everyone in the community up to date with what ISC has in store for the future, as well as any information that they may be searching for.



Finance Committee

The main responsibility of the Finance Committee is recording our financial transactions, applying for external funding if necessary, reimbursement, and maintaining a healthy financial status for ISC.


Internationals of Penn State Committee

Internationals of Penn State is ISC’s new initiative that launched this year! It is a platform for international students to voice their opinions, experiences and advice to fellow Penn Staters. This is an effort to bring not just international students together, but also to slowly chip away at the clear gap between domestic and international students on this campus. 


We Are

The International Student Council, also recognized as ISC, is a representative organization of all the international student communities at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, as well as at all 19 Commonwealth locations. As a voice of international students, ISC addresses issues and concerns of all international students to the university.

ISC also works to promote cultural understanding by organizing various events. Feel free to browse through the website to find out more about our different committees and their core aspects. Our council seeks to provide support to the international students at Penn State through different ways.

Our Mission

The International Student Council (ISC) is the governing council that represents all international organizations on campus. It addresses international student issues and concerns with the university by representing Penn State’s international body. ISC organizes events that promote cross-cultural understanding and awareness to bridge the gap between international and local students on campus.

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